Saturday, November 3, 2012

Paper Projects: Shredded Paper, Newspaper Bags, and Magazine Coasters

Have a bunch of junk mail, office paper, newspaper, magazines, etc. lying around? Don't throw them away. Instead put it to use with these easy YouTube videos: Unique Ideas for Reusing Paper, Reuse Paper. Reduce Plastic (how to make recycle bag from newspaper), and Magazine Coasters Tutorial.

Shredded Paper

Get a lot of junk mail or use a lot of office paper? Unique Ideas for Reusing Paper is a 30 second clip from homemadesimple that gives some quick and easy reuses for paper in general once it has been shredded. Depending on the reuse, watch out for toxic inks.


Send your kid to school everyday with a sack lunch? Read the newspaper? Then this project is for you. Reuse Paper. Reduce Plastic (how to make recycle bag from newspaper) is a short 2:30 tutorial by suporterbumi on how to convert a section of newspaper into a handy paper bag. Remember to pull the staples out and further reuse or recycle the newspaper after the bag has served its purpose.


Magazine Coasters Tutorial is a 9:30 video by Tatiana Ambrose. Sadly, Tatiana Ambrose doesn't allow embedding. Her video is well done; so, I wanted to include it anyway. Don't be scared off by how long it is. Creating coasters from magazines is just simply weaving folded up bits of magazine together. The video shows how to make nice looking thick or thin coasters out of magazines you have laying around. Could be a good project for kids.


Home Made Simple

Home Made Simple is a YouTube channel with videos ranging "from quick cooking tips to home organizing and decorating ideas."

suporterbumi and Tatiana Ambrose

suporterbumi and Tatiana Ambrose are average YouTube users.


I feel all three videos are well done. I see nothing wrong with the information or instructions each gives. The video about shredded paper keeps it short and sweet. It's all about telling without really showing. A short introduction followed by still images with voice over would be more interesting without making it too much longer. The video about turning newspaper into a bag is nice. suporterbumi moves through the steps quickly; but, it is easy to follow him. Tatiana Ambrose's video about magazine coasters felt like it dragged on after watching suporterbumi's video. Her attention to detail is nice because it will help viewers produce a nicer final product.


  1. Newspaper makes great mulch in flower beds and gardens. It and some other types of paper can also be composted.

  2. What a great environmentally friendly idea to keep in mind. Newspaper mulch and composted newspaper are way better for the environment than things like Round-Up and chemical fertilizers.

  3. I love this! I love personalize stuffs and most specially that this is eco-friendly. It is very important now that we should be responsible for taking care of our mother earth so that we can protect our earth from global warming.-

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  4. Newspaper is great for lining the bottom of bird cages!

  5. Thank you for sharing this! We have a pile of used paper that we don’t have use for anymore but now I can simply shred them and make these nice projects. I am now planning on buying a paper shredder for our home.

    Ruby Badcoe