Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reusing as a Cycle

Reusing is not only important; but it is natural. In nature, a resource is used and then left behind. What is left behind is a resource for something else to use. The same happens again and again in a never ending cycle. In places like the United States, resources are turned into products. Typically, the products are used and then discarded. There is no cycle here. One of the ideas presented in the Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture Ted Talk is that there needs to be a shift from this sort of resource use, what Pawlyn calls linear resource use, to a cycle of reuse similar to what happens in nature. Watch Pawlyn's Ted Talk to learn about the reuse cycle, what Pawlyn terms a closed-loop model of resource use, and his other opinions on what other changes are needed to be a sustainable society.

About Michael Pawlyn

Pawlyn is an architect concerned about sustainability.


Pawlyn's Ted Talk is presenting his own opinions and ideas as a professional. He seems to be well educated about the topics he presents. Material covered in the Ted Talk is informative and well supported with facts and examples.

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